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Liz is a communications specialist with over 30 years experience working with a diverse range of national and international clients across corporate, brand, product and service marketing disciplines. Her key expertise lies in strategic market positioning, creative brain storming, copy writing and project management.

Steve created DesignPoint over 25 years ago, and has built a  reputation for being hard-working, having a keen eye for detail and sense of humour. From beginnings as a freelance designer, gaining experience and depth of knowledge along the way, clients tend to be long stayers. Being a bit of a perfectionist helps and being adaptable is key to lasting in this ever-evolving industry.

Mark is a production based graphic designer, so is a key part of the DesignPoint team. Always willing to go the extra mile both for client and company. Mark and Steve have worked together for over 15 years which makes for a creative and intuitive partnership. His expertise is towards the production end of the design spectrum, focusing on web programming, development and online marketing.


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